Monday, February 21, 2011

Benefits Of Valarian Root Amomille

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

How To Compose A Good Prayer Samples


results, opinions WWP-2011
« ; World photojournalism seriously ill "on Feb. 10, 2011 the jury of 54 th annual prestigious International Photo Contest World Press Photo competition results announced for 2010. It was attended by 5,847 photographers submitted to the jury 108,059 photos. Russian masters among the winners was not. World Press Photo Contest
PhotoPosle publishing the results of World Press Photo - 2010 in the journal "Russian Reporter" published an article entitled "The cult of violence." It repeated winner and member of the WPP jury Vladimir Vyatkin expressed his sharply negative attitude to the king in the competition trends. Results WPP annually cause an ambiguous attitude and a lot of criticism in a professional environment.
Home WPP award was awarded to South African photographer Jodi Bieber (Jodi Bieber) for a snapshot, which shows the crippled Taliban Afghan girl with a disfigured face. The same picture won an award and in the category "Portrait." The photo was published on the cover of the August issue of Time. In the other contest categories among the works of the winners, as noted, also a lot of tough shots: earthquakes, hostilities, conflicts ... "The world photojournalism seriously ill: the success of her reach searchers adventure, equipped with fast feet and the Internet. Many people seem to never studied photography or do not fully mastered the autofocus, rushed into a great life.
blind and callous fotodokumentalistika become a benchmark of skill , - said Vladimir Vyatkin. - Robotic, heartless photographer is very convenient for the modern photo business. The main task - dumbfound layman, and this is possible and forget about the humanistic foundations of the profession. " According to Vladimir Vyatkina, portrait of a young Afghan women in their style is more like a "protocol document forensic expert." "It is clear that this is the spirit of the times - violence on television, the Internet. But this should not be. This same woman stylistically could be removed in a different way, without making such emphasis on her face. Twenty years ago I was a jury member of WRP, and all said that the competition was very tough: the same violence and killing, but not in such quantities. And the pictures year, then began to photography, where a man saves a person - it is the opinion of the famous Russian photographer.
the same opinion Paul Markin, chairman fotosektsii our Union, Dean of the Faculty of photographers who said "This is now spoken by many of my colleagues, trying to comprehend the results of the competition. In my opinion, this situation with the competition takes place over the past years. Well, is the best photographs of the world! »
his opinion about the competition not so long ago expressed the project manager Fotopoligon Artem Chernov's blog: « Only frontal documentary statement of facts. Professionalism here is to be able to be in the right place to go out with the staff and just living. The only significant color - the color of blood. Main criterion level of performance - the level of shock. Just a couple of decades ago, such an approach would be regarded as speculation, as the barred, as a sign of professional powerlessness of the author before the event ». As it turned out, the jury were also bitter disputes. As noted by a member of the jury Alitti Vince (Vince Aletti), «some of the members the jury reacted to these terrible photos as pornography. " But the Vince Alitti convinced: "these incredible facts necessary to show all people, and not имеет значения, насколько они вас шокируют или расстраивают».

Уровень  шока запределен - что дальше?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Giant Eagle Dora Cake

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